How To Repair Sunken Paving Stones

01 Feb 2018
How To Repair Sunken Paving Stones

After years of use, paving stones or bricks can sink this can be caused by parking your car or just general traffic. This can be rectified very easily and you do not require a professional unless of course, it is a large area.

Tools Required For This Project:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Sprite level
  • Screed pipe if it is a larger area
  • Broom or a brush to clean up
  • Here’s how to do it

STEP 1: Remove the paving stones, this can be removed using a screwdriver and gently easing the screwdriver using a rubber mallet.

STEP 2: You will not need a screed pipe if it is only a small area. Remove all dirt and loose sand.

STEP 3: Add sand - you can use builder’s sand for this and level it using a trowel making sure the sand is even and at the level to the bottom of the level pavers around. Compact the sand down and add more sand if required.

STEP 4: Place pavers back and make sure they are level with the other pavers, if required they can be gently tapped using the rubber mallet. Use a spirit level to make sure they are level all across. Step 5: Spread dry sand over pavers and brush them into the pavers to cover any gaps then brush off.

Hope this helps, any questions I am happy to help.

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