Kitchen Renovation

29 Aug 2019

What the top kitchen design trends will mean for your kitchen renovation?


Today’s kitchens are more well-thought-out than ever before, offering conveniences and style we never even thought of 30 years ago.

Seen kitchen renovations on TV? Think before you plan to fit them into your home.

And while some of those ideas are absolute have-to-have-its, some leave us in awe but wondering about their true practicality. Here are some tips when planning your own kitchen renovations.


Always start with a budget in mind. That will give you an idea of how much you want to spend. A clear understanding of a budget takes away all the nasty surprises.


Planning your new kitchen on paper gives you a rough idea on what you need, is the renovation going to be a full-on renovation? Or just a cosmetic makeover? Some things to think about…

Colour of cabinets

Walls – Painting & Tiling





Electrical work – Light fittings



Now that you have got a budget and done your planning, you can now start to think about what style you would like your kitchen to be? Luxurious, Country style, Modern, etc.


Whatever style you choose your new kitchen to be, make sure it's practical, you can cook there in comfort and most importantly you enjoy being in your kitchen, after all, nowadays the kitchen is part of the family living room.

Enjoy your new kitchen.

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