Patching A Hole In The Wall.

31 Jan 2018
Patching A Hole In The Wall.

Patching a hole in the wall.

Before repainting a room you should take the time to patch any holes. This is an easy project you can easily do it yourself.

You don't need to hire a professional; you can patch the holes yourself. First make sure the hole or crack is not part of a larger structural problem or caused by a leak.

You can buy this kit from any hardware store such as BUNNINGS for roughly$ 30.00

First scrape away any loose paint or plaster from the holes. Use a knife if necessary.


Scoop the compound onto your putty knife and run the knife over your crack or hole. Let the compound harden and apply another layer. Continue applying compound until the crack or hole is completely filled.

When the final layer is dry, gently sand and covers with primer.

Once the hole or crack is covered with primer you are ready to paint your room.

It’s that easy! If you need further advice, call me I am happy to help! Good luck

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