Bathroom renovations, what you need to know

Bathroom renovation: A renovated bathroom gives a new look, feel to a beautiful room with a character all of its own, not to mention an important place in your home. A bathroom is an important place to have a shower or a long bath after a hard day’s work, or just to spoil yourself, and why not? Most importantly, a renovated bathroom adds value to your home.

In this blog let’s look at the process of your bathroom renovation.


You will need to come up with a budget first and foremost; roughly speaking it will cost you anywhere between $ 15,000 to $30,000 and maybe more depending on how big your bathroom is.

Is your renovation going to be cosmetic or a full bathroom renovation?

Choosing your materials ie: Wall tiles, floor tiles, Sinks, Shower head, Taps, Lighting etc, and the list goes on.

Project management: Who is going to keep an eye on your new project? It’s an important aspect of the project.

The tradies you require.

Demolition work






Now that you have got your budget and everything else in order, you must decide if you require a Contractor: or managing the project yourself. The beauty of having a contractor with your bathroom renovation is you relay all your thoughts and plans to your contractor; he will be the point of contact

Let us assume you have chosen to hire a contractor to renovate your bathroom.

The contractor will draw up plans, discuss with you, the plans amend drawings, ideas etc.

Once agreed, you will both set a day to commence work; your contractor will arrange all aspects of the work to be carried out, from ordering materials to arranging different tradies to carry out their work.

Also keep in mind, while the work is being carried out, its best to vacate the property for a few days until the dirty work is finished (demolishing the old bathroom) as this will be messy and dusty work, especially if you have young children at home.

We hope this gives you a perspective of what goes into renovating a bathroom. It certainly takes time to complete the project.

I wish you all the very best in your project.

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