How to build a limestone garden bed wall

There are advantages for having a raised garden bed to grow almost anything like vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Some of the advantages of a raised garden bed are less soil erosion, better water retention. They also add a nice feature to your existing garden and can be a focal point of the garden. We will show you how to build a small garden bed wall using limestone blocks.

NOTE: Limestone blocks are very heavy, get a friend to help you on this project.

Tools required:

· Limestone blocks

· Bricks for a footing

· Builders sand

· White cement

· Trowel

· Bolster & hammer

· Wheelbarrow to mix the cement

· Spirit level

· 9 Inch grinder

· Compactor for a larger project

Let’s start: Make sure the ground is level, water the ground and compact the ground, level it off and place the bricks where the wall needs to be erected.

Lime stone blocks come in many sizes and shapes use the ones that suit your project, some stockists are Bunnings, and Urban stone.

If half blocks are required, mark the blocks with a marker pen all around, cut the block using the grinder all around. Using a bolster and hammer split the blocks.

Leave a 20 mm gap between the blocks

Fill gaps with cement

Check blocks are level using the spirit level after each block is laid Remove excess cement using the trowel.

Note: the mixed cement should not be too dry or too wet.

Apply the cement mix on top of the bricks. Lay the lime stone blocks.

Clean up all tools using water.

Good luck, it is easier than you think, if you require any help please get in touch. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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