How to fix a leaking tap

How to fix a leaking tap. February 11, 2018 | Brian Smith One of the most annoying sounds is that of a leaking tap. The first reaction is to squeeze the handle harder and harder as time goes by. Calling a plumber to rectify the leaking tap can cost anything from $50.00 to $ 80.00.

Let’s try to do these ourselves and save that hard earned cash!

Shown here is one of the most common types of tap. Tools required for this project:

· Tap repair tools

· Nylon washer

· Rag to clean up

· Thread seal tap

· Adjustable spanner

Here’s how:

Step one: Turn water mains off Step two: Remove the tap button nut Step three: Remove handle and flange Step four: Remove tap bonnet with an adjustable spanner Step five: Remove the whole body, make sure not to damage any washers Step six: Remove damaged washer and replace with new

Before refitting, make sure the body is clean, remove old thread seal if needed and replace with new. Refit in reverse order. Close the tap to off position, and then turn the water mains on, easy as that.

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